Trauma Fighters Community

Trauma survivors need a community to share the mutual understanding that they are strong, purposeful people, who, after walking through a major breakthrough (and often with the right therapy and medication), can lead long, successful, and fulfilling lives.

Discover your path to healing

Find comfort and community

Learn how to get ongoing support

A safe, supportive community

Millions of us are walking around with trauma in our story and our DNA and no one is talking about the day in and day out management. What better clearing house of source information for a survivor than the knowledge of other Trauma Fighters and their community? We may be free from the memories, but we are in a lifelong journey of dealing with and managing anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.

I’m helping you by giving you a path to healing yourself and becoming part of a safe, supportive community.

Be with like-minded people who’ve been there and understand you.

Get practical advice you can apply to your own life, based on the real experiences of the author.

Learn the words to communicate about your experiences in order to normalize them in your life and in your community.

Do you think you don’t deserve understanding and empathy?

Do you believe you are damaged and undeserving of love?

Do you feel alone, like you’re the only one?


If these are your personal narratives, I want you to write them down and then shred them. Better yet, set them on fire! Whatever you do, banish them forever.


Come and join my community of Trauma Fighters. Let’s work together to help you heal.