Upcoming memoir: Perks of a Psychotic Break

Believe it or not, psychosis can be a good thing. I’m here to tell you why.

Perks of a Psychotic Break is a guide for making the most of your psychotic break, when it happens. Primarily for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse, my memoir is intended to help you experience the benefits of your nervous breakdown.

So go right ahead and let it happen. My hope is to lead by example, or at least, by example of what not to do. I’ll be here for you, when you return.


Well, yes. You were traumatized. Let’s throw Big-T Trauma in the Big-T Trash.

You deserve to have the words to communicate your experiences and a supportive environment where you can share. I didn’t, so I know. I give you my story as a backwards blueprint. Maybe it will help you. At least, it will tell you what not to do. (Bar fight, anyone?)

But seriously, I once had a psychotic break.

And now, I’m on a mission to help trauma survivors understand they are not alone. You deserve a safe community and practical resources. And you should really hear my whole story…

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Meet Laurie

Can a psychotic break lead to a better life? Sometimes. After surviving rape and domestic violence, I fell apart in 2007 when I recovered a childhood sex abuse memory.

I’m sharing my story now, not just for entertainment value, but to empower others who might still be struggling.

A happy, healthy life could be just within reach for you. I think it’s worth a shot. Don’t you?

Are you a Trauma Fighter? Strap on the gloves, this book is for you.

Maybe, you:

  • Don’t have a manual for how to build a stable and fulfilling life
  • Feel alone, directionless, without any guidance or advice from others who really get it
  • Want to learn to be your own advocate and to form a community of support to advocate for others

Let’s build a community–of Trauma Fighters.

My life before and after the break offers serious life lessons, and a few hilarious tales. Let’s dig in.

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