Survivor, Mental Health Advocate, Writer


I’m Laurie Timms, a writer and survivor who aims to banish the stigma around trauma recovery, especially for women who have experienced physical abuse. In my coming memoir, Perks of a Psychotic Break, I share the story of how my mental break was actually the best thing that ever happened to me. It was a turning point that helped me face and recover from multiple traumas I had worked so hard to avoid thinking about. My hope is that my story of both what happened to me and how I recovered will help other women break free from the long term shame and despair many feel after trauma occurs.

Today, I’m a wife, mother, and accomplished marketing professional, but more importantly, I’ve made the long journey back to embracing myself. I want women to know that there is hope, there is wholeness and a sense of belonging and purpose outside the anger, fear, and confusion they might feel now. Experts say that unresolved fear, anger, hurt, and other emotions will haunt us unless we learn healthy ways to recover and move through and past it. Women in the professional sphere had their #MeToo movement, and now it’s time for survivors of domestic traumas to be heard and heal together, too.

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