Even a Prince Can’t Hide

Why That’s Beyond Okay

Laurie B. Timms

January 14, 2022


When I was a kid, and my brother would get in trouble, I would taunt him with the sing-song, “Ah-oh, who’s in trouble now?” and wiggle my head back and forth in glee. (Ah, siblings…)

Waking to the news of Queen Elizabeth’s “stunning rebuke” of Prince Andrew, that’s exactly the first thought that popped into my head. Who’s in trouble now, indeed.

In case you’ve had your head in a book and missed it, the Queen stripped Prince Andrew of his military titles and forced him to relinquish all ties with his royal charities after a U.S. district judge rejected his motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought against him for sexually abusing a minor. (Source: Reuters)

You might wonder why I’m not being more serious about this. Just being real, my sense of humor has gotten me through so much, so it is always my go-to reaction. Plus, anything involving the Royal Family deserves a decent amount of sarcasm, in my humble opinion.

My second thought was a happy realization that, even though it took a petition letter from a large group of British military personnel encouraging this step, the Queen did the right thing. Not because of her concern for the monarchy, and not because she’s attempting to avoid any additional tarnishing of the British royal family’s brand, which I’m sure are also factors. But, because, if Prince Andrew is guilty of sexually abusing Virginia Giuffre multiple times when she was a teenager (and I personally believe he is), then he should be held accountable. (Source: CBS)

He shouldn’t be getting off Scot free. (Pun intended.)

It used to be, way back in ancient history (I don’t know, maybe 8 years ago or so), people could perpetrate crimes against children and get away with them, especially if they were famous. I, for one, am happy to see the shift in society that is rooting these people out, whoever they may be.

I applaud Giuffre for her bravery in coming forward, both against Jeffrey Epstein in 2009, and now against Prince Andrew. I don’t know for certain, but I imagine that her life has not been easy. I hope whatever happens, she feels vindicated, and is rewarded with recovery and peace, once this is all over.

Being David and taking on Goliath, as Giuffre is doing, especially when it involves sexual abuse of a minor, is incredibly difficult and painful. Nobody easily chooses to stand up to these predators. Giuffre is Capital-T Tough, and Tough is a blessing, because it can serve to stop (hopefully some) predators. And more realistically, it can help fuel other survivors to come forward with their own stories to hold their abusers accountable.

Now we need to see more survivors raising their hands, telling their stories. Hail to the Queen, and hail to the survivors. The time has come for justice.

What do you think? Should the Prince go down? Join the discussion through the comments here.

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